Peter Sellers

This post was submitted by an “unknown” MC’s Golf Academy student who would like to remain anonymous.  As per his request, we will not mention his name and will therefore call him Peter Sellers.

Here Goes…

I have a beautiful swing.  And by beautiful, I really mean superb.  My set up is perfect and my alignment is even better, weight forward on the balls of my feet, in a perfect athletic position.  My takeaway is smooth, very slow, and on plane.  And my hips remain firmly in place.My upper body coils to a full 90 degrees, and the top of my swing is pure perfection.  I clear my front hip before I come down, and my finish is balanced and posed.  It’s truley a sight to see.  Textbook.  Pure Textbook.  And I learned it all from M.C.; and let’s not forget my beautiful spine angle which I perfectly maintain throughout.  But the minute you give me a ball to hit, my beautiful swing falls apart.

I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to correct this “thing,” but my muscles won’t listen to me.  I know it’s wrong to “hit” the ball, and I know the value of tempo.  M.C. again.  And I know that an effortless, one-motion swing will make the ball go even further.  I try thinking to myself, and talking to myself, but my muscles continue to ignore me.

When I’m out on the practice range, all by myself, my swing is pure perfection.   And when I repeat this swing with a ball in place, I actually hit it pure (most times).  But when other golfers appear on the range, they invariably whack away.  And my brain is no match for their uncontrollable whacking because i end up whacking just like them.

I try to ignore them as best I can, and try to maintain my slow tempo.  But I can’t seem to convince my body to obey because I continue whacking away.

I no longer have patience for most other golfers because they constantly mess up my swing.  And I’d rather play golf without a ball, but that would be somewhat odd.


(A Whacky Wacko Duffer)


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