Golf Stick Figure 2As golf instructors, we sometimes take for granted our students understanding of the game of golf, outside of working to improve their golf swings.  There is more to the game of golf than swinging a club and trying to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of strokes possible.  We assume that people know the fundamentals of the game such as rules, etiquette and  attire. Every now and then, I am reminded this is not the case and would like to share with you an email from one of my friends and student at MC’s Golf Academy on her first experience “playing 9 holes.

I will shortly summarize my experience playing one-nine at Twisted Dune Golf Club.

In a nut shell…I SUCKED!!!

Nervous, anxious, worried about everyone watching, worried about keeping pace, how and where am I allowed to drive the cart.

Became more relaxed…actually enjoyed the fresh air.

Still could not hit the ball…well

Lost my 9 iron somewhere along the way…

Lost only one ball!!!

I probably averaged 8-10 shots per hole

But….I will definitely do it again…I will not be nervous and I know how and where to drive the cart now

The course is breathtaking when you reach hole nine…I really mean that

My partners Beth and Bob, were a great addition to my first experience….Thanks for coming

Can’t wait to do it again

By the way….My 9 iron was found by my son Devin about 4:30 somewhere on hole 4

Karen Sharkey

Karen was kind enough to allow me to share this with you and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please comment and leave any feedback concerning this topic.  If anyone would like to share their first experience on the course, please feel free to email me at

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